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Building 13, Avandia garden, 238 male Chu street, Hongshan District, Hubei, Wuhan

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China development starts from infrastructure.
East Hubei Pile Foundation goes together with China's reform and opening-up.
  Foundation: 1980, the first year of starting the reform and opening-up policy.Specialized contracting first-grade qualification enterprise for ground and foundation engineering.More than 200 regular employees.85 employees with professional technical titles, which include 60 employees with medium and senior professional titles.Over 60% employees with college degree or above.More than 100 sets of foundation construction machinery equipment of various kinds
  Companies in the active participation in market competition at the same time, with excellent quality of the project, the integrity of services, won the credibility of the market for enterprises to win the honor, widely recognized by the community. Many times by the Ezhou municipal government awarded the “advanced collective”, “top ten enterprises”, “civilized units”, “advanced private enterprises” and other glorious title. Even the 8th by the Ezhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce as “the contract and trustworthy enterprise”; for 6 consecutive years by the Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce as “the contract, and trustworthy enterprise” and “re credibility, a quality service unit” ; For four consecutive years was named “Wuhan construction industry AAA grade credit enterprise”。